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Foaling starts at Brighthill
03 Sep 2015
At last we have our first foal of the season!  With several mares over due it was good to get the ball rolling with our first foal safely on the ground.

In fact this guys mother Celtic Charm by Keeper from Glocca Morra was foaled by us in 2007, so a real family affair.

This  cracking Tavistock colt is Celtic Charm's first foal, because of the foul weather at the moment they will stay boxed for a couple of days (with a quick spin in the small paddock whilst we clean out the box).

All our new born foals get boxed following delivery and depending on the weather the following day may or may not go out side.  This is something we have done for many years and this system works well for us.

Looking at the foaling list for the forthcoming weeks, we have some exciting sires coming through; Makfi, Dalghar, Tavistock, the last crop of the O'Reillys, Perfectly Ready and Cape Blanco.