2018 - 2010 Brighthill Farm Sale Results

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BOOK 2, 1 & 2 February 2018
765  BayColtBurgundy Celtic Dream MGP BloodstockVictoria$65,000
802  BayColtDalghar (FR) Donaquillo RL BurnetNew South Wales$32,000
903  BayColtAtlante Maid of Tralee (AUS) Ric Wylie BloodstockWaikato$30,000
948  BrownColtIffraaj (GB) Perfect Paradise (GB) Passed in Reserve: $30000  
950  BrownFillyShowcasing (GB) Philippa Chelsea Bloomsbury StudWaikato$18,000
964  BayColtDalghar (FR) Rattle AR CampbellWaikato$40,000
1014  BayFillyTavistock Sogno Passed in - To be retained by owner.  
1033  BayColtNiagara (AUS) Stratum Strikes (AUS) Yu Long InvestmentAuckland$16,000
1041  BayColtIffraaj (GB) Temeraire (AUS) Stuart Hale & Co Waikato$47,500
1050  GreyFillyDalghar (FR) Top of the Day (AUS) Raffles DancersAuckland$90,000
1058  BrownColtDalghar (FR) Twin Soul (IRE) Pukuwai FarmManawatu$30,000