2018 - 2010 Brighthill Farm Sale Results

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2015 Festival Sale 1 February
  1062  BayFillyJimmy Choux Love Me Not Reserve $15,000  
1093  BayFillyPerfectly Ready Musical Magic Richardson RacingMatamata$9,000
1095  BrownColtPatapan My Prized Miss Gj & MA OldMatamata$8,000
1103  BayFillyPerfectly Ready Nina Retaining to Race by Brighthill Farm  
1143  GreyFillyDalghar Rose Quartz LJ HowlAuckland$12,000
1192  ChestnutColtTowkay Steel Stilettos DR HaworthLevin$12,000
1223  BrownColtPerfectly Ready Ustinova Mr. PK HoMacau$18,000
1251  GreyColtDalghar Appleton's Lass DG GreeneHamilton$27,000
  1266  BrownFillyPerfectly Ready Bella Russia KA PriceMatamata$7,000
1312  BayColtDalghar Diamond Habit Mr. L De SouzaHong Kong$6,000
  1324  GreyFillyDalghar Fastinov Willow StablesMatamata$6,000